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Hi! My name is Ana and I wanted to tell you guys abut something really awesome I got to do today! I got to go out on what’s called a “program”! It’s only the second one I’ve ever been on and today we went all the way to a big city called Atlanta. First, my Mom loaded me up into a big carrier with a very comfy sheet and I nestled down into it and felt as cozy as if I was sleeping in my straw…maybe even more! It’s not as scratchy! And then she gave me lots of friends to keep me company in the car, except I didn’t really like the chicks she gave me. They were really loud with their chirps. But I enjoyed talking with Flynn the Goat and Audrey the Pig. And we sang too! Mom was singing really loudly with the music, and I baa’d along with the songs I knew. When we got to the house, I met the birthday twins! They gave me lots of pets and they had the greenest grass I have ever seen, so I may have eaten more than I played with them, but Mom said that was okay, that I was a “sheep” and that’s pretty much what we do. There was even the sweetest little girl who gave me sticks to play with! After all the attention and a full belly, I was starting to get a little tired and Mom must have known that because she started packing us all up. On the way home, Mom still sang but I slept the whole way. She unloaded all of us and gave me a big kiss goodnight. I had so much fun going out and meeting so many new people and getting lots of hugs and kisses. I hope we do it again soon! -A

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My name is Amanda and I am one of the lucky interns here at North Ga Zoo! It’s kind of a funny story how I got here. Most of the other members of the zoo have backgrounds with animals, from Biology or Zoology degrees to Veterinary school, but here I am, with an English degree! Never in all my Shakespearean classes would I have imagined myself with a White Handed Gibbon around my neck or an African Crested Porcupine under my care. Just goes to show you, dream big because you never know what you can accomplish! -A

<![CDATA[Baby Season is here! ]]>Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:17:16 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2014/02/baby-season-is-here.htmlBaby Season has started.  That means night checks every 3 to 4 hours.  These are done by interns, staff and volunteers.  So what do the interns think about this?  How does the weather affect all this.  One minute the weather is above freezing and the next snow storms!  I figured some of these pictures taken by our interns could tell their own story!  Yes these  pictures were taken right off their face book pages with permission of course!
<![CDATA[Snow at the ZOO!]]>Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:59:52 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2014/02/snow-at-the-zoo.htmlSome excerpts from Staff,Interns and volunteers  on their zoo adventures during this crazy weather
For anyone who is up at this time, roads are already white and it is snowing like crazy. This little ewe lamb thought that tonight would be a great time to grace us with her presence. But mom had her out in the snow so she was a little frozen, thus we named her Elsa. She got the royal treatment, hot bath, burrito wrap, effortless tummy fill, and a heated bed. Let's just say that she is not complaining. - Shauna Smith 2/12/2014
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<![CDATA[He is the reason for the Season.  Celebrate Christ with us!]]>Tue, 24 Dec 2013 05:04:56 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2013/12/he-is-the-reason-for-the-season-celebrate-christ-with-us.htmlHelping bring a live nativity to life in down town Monroe Georgia has always been a highlight for Hope Bennett of Wildlife Wonders/ North Georgia Zoo.   WIldlife Wonders teams up with Lighthouse World Outreach Center to help Monroe residents remember the reason for the season and to help celebrate the birth of Jesus.  www.lighthousewoc.org .   www.wildlifewonders.org  www.facebook.com/wildlifewonders.zootoyou

<![CDATA[Moments in the life of a zookeeper that are cherished forever!]]>Sun, 22 Dec 2013 07:29:02 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2013/12/moments-in-the-life-of-a-zookeeper-that-are-cherished-forever.html
Zookeeping is 90% shoveling and cleaning but that 10% are moments like these! Playtime with a baby goat, baby African Cresetd Porcupines and Baby Gibbon.  Everyone has grown up now but this memory will last forever!

<![CDATA[A Prickly Christmas Gift!  By Melissa Burns (Zookeeper)]]>Sun, 22 Dec 2013 06:08:09 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2013/12/a-prickly-christmas-gift-by-melissa-burns-zookeeper.html
Hello, my name is Rose! I am a baby African Crested Porcupine. I was born two weeks before Christmas and am so excited to be at the zoo for Christmas and see all the pretty lights. My new mom Shauna has been taking such good care of me. When I was first born, I was so cold but then she found a way to keep me warm! She gives up her own cuddly socks just so that I stay snuggly warm on these cold winter days. Shauna also gives great belly rubs! I am so excited for the upcoming year. Shauna says I get to learn to be an ambassador, I had to ask what that meant but she says it means I get to go out a visit kids and teach them about me. There are people out there who think the strangest things about porcupines! Did you know some people think that I shoot my quills? That would be so rude, I would much rather snuggle and eat a banana. I glad I get to show kids how much fun porcupines can be because otherwise they might never see one! I can’t wait for my adventures to get started so I can meet everyone. It’s going to be so much fun.

Hi, it’s Rose again! I wanted to tell you all about my first big adventure! It was so much fun. I get to travel with Shauna all over because she is taking care of me and giving me yummy milk and food. Yesterday Shauna had to go to a nativity. I asked what it was and Shauna said that it was like a play but was about Jesus and his birth and teaching everyone what Christmas is really about. The one that we went to was in a town square so that everyone walking by and driving by could see! So I got my sweater on so I wouldn’t get cold and we got in the car to go. I’m not really sure how long it took to get there because I took a nap but when we did get there it was amazing! Shauna had all these fun animals that were much bigger then I was and had already learned to be animal ambassadors. She said that I was just there to watch since there were no porcupines in Bethlehem. She had some animals that were really loud and they were goats, some that were really soft and they were bunnies. But then I saw the biggest animal I have seen in my entire life! It was a camel! Shauna said his name was Obadiah and she had raised him from a baby just like she was doing with me and when Obadiah was little he had to learn just like I was. Obadiah was amazing, he was so tall and loved being among all the people, showing them how nice camels are and they don’t just walk around spitting at people. Some people there had never seen a camel before and were so amazed. Some people kept yelling out something about Hump Day but that didn’t make any sense to me, maybe once I grow up more. It made me so excited to get think about when I will be big enough to start my job of being an ambassador because I could see how happy and touched the people were to meet Obadiah. They all had questions about him and wanted to learn everything they could! We stayed at the nativity for a while but most of the time I stayed in the warm toasty van, it was cold outside and I don’t have a thick winter coat like Obadiah has. Then it was time to go home. I had so much fun on my first big adventure and learned so much! Just listening to everything, did you know that camels only have one set of teeth? I couldn’t believe it, I asked how they would eat yummy sweet potato but Shauna said that just because I eat it doesn’t mean everyone else can. Obadiah eats hay and grain but not sweet potatoes. There is just so much to learn about all my North Georgia Zoo family.  I can’t wait until I get to have my own adventures and not just ride along but for now I am so happy that I get to learn all I can from the professionals like Obadiah but I am glad I’m still small enough to cuddle on Shauna’s lap at the end of the night with a bottle of warm milk. 

<![CDATA[From the Perspective of a Zookeeper & Interns]]>Thu, 05 Dec 2013 04:08:02 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/2/post/2013/12/from-the-perspective-of-a-zookeeper-interns.htmlA fun blog from the perspective of the keepers, volunteers and interns.  Find out what their days are filled with.  
What is it like to raise a baby fennec fox?
What happens when it rains all day?
Who feeds the animals fro Christmas?  Easter?
What is a typical intern or zookeeper day like?
What is their favorite part of the day?
What is their favorite animal?