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Dear Wildlife Wonders Team,
Thank you very much for your fantastic help with Nyani's wish! When she found out she was going on her dream trip to Australia, it was already an amazing day. It was made even more special by the fact that Trinity the kangaroo was there to help deliver the message. Melissa and Trinity were fantastic additions to our wish granting celebration. I will always remember Nyani opening the door, clapping her hands to her face, and yelling for her mother and sister to come downstairs quickly because "there's a kangaroo in the house!". The opportunity to interact with indigenous animals was a big part of the reason Nyani chose to travel to Australia for her wish. We are so thankful that you helped us make it perfect for her. Make-a-Wish depends on the generosity of our volunteers and donors; we all share a dedication to helping children experience their one true wish. I'm attaching a few photos of the celebration to complement the ones Katie sent along earlier...please enjoy, and once again, a big thank you to you and Trinity from all of us!
Josh Weiss

<![CDATA[Great Article on the Zoo & Flood/ Power/ Trees]]>Thu, 08 Oct 2015 19:07:32 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/great-article-on-the-zoo-flood-power-treesCheck out this great article from the Gainesville Times :
Click Here!
<![CDATA[Press Release: Flood, Power & TreesĀ ]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 19:11:57 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/press-release-flood-power-treesWhat it rains it pours at North Georgia Zoo.
Sunshine, electricity and storms fading I am sure are making everyone breathe a sigh of relief.  Here at North Georgia Zoo we get especially excited but also overwhelmed to as we evaluate the damage, repairs and crisis still looming on the horizon.   So what happens when the water rises, the power goes out and trees threaten to come down on enclosures and buildings?   Well before it hits crisis level, zookeepers get the joy of trudging through the mud and rain and making sure all the critters stay dry, warm and comfortable while they are soaked to the bone.  No pulling covers over their face or sleeping in and listening to the rain on the roof.  These animals rely on them.   As they feed, clean and help keep their animals dry, they will also watch for flooded areas, leaks and areas that may need to be evacuated or protected.   Once it passes from normal rain to flood concerns evacuation plans are set into motion. Animals start to be moved to higher ground.  This is where training is very vital.  Animals here at NGZ are trained to crate up ahead of time for such a time as this.   Animals start to get moved to higher ground at the zoo into their temporary holding places until the water resides.   BUT then what about power outages?   Well I am thankful we have an emergency plan in place for this also.   I admit we never had to use it in the 20 years of zoo life but this past week we sure did.   The zoo lost power for 3 full days and without power there is no running water, no cold freezers or fridges, no access to online documents and records, no hot water to make bottles, no heat lamps for those cold blooded creatures and the list goes on and on.   The good news is the zoo is equipped with several generators that are put into the main priority areas.  This includes the nursery with all the babies,   the reptile house and in this case the freezer house which is not normally a concern but was this time.    Typically power outages happen in the winter so we don’t have to worry about losing 1000’s of dollars of food like we did this time.   Meanwhile those secondary areas get to do their chores the old fashion way.   The 100’s of livestock still need water despite not having water pressure to the hoses.  Here is where creativity goes a long way.    We put a livestock trough on the back of the work truck and filled it with water from one of the generator powered hoses and hauled this and buckets from pen to pen and bucketed the water in.  This was all part of the experience in the beginning but by day 3 this was quickly getting old.   Then it happens we get power and we are so excited only to be reminded  of the piles of laundry backed up,  the cleanup needing to be done,   The animals moved back,  the repairs needing done. As we start to plunge into the hard work ahead a more serious crisis loomed his ugly face at us.  The ground had gotten soft and 2 giant trees attempt to fall onto the nursery building but are blocked by another tree.   This one I admit we weren’t nearly as prepared for.  Well we thought we were as simply we call our tree guy out but alas he is in the middle of getting a tree off a house.    We then call the electrical company (HEMC) because if this tree comes down it will not only take out part of the nursery, a fence, several cages but also a main power line.  They are obviously backed up and unable to guarantee when they can get to us.    At this point we asked for prayers and community assistance.  We realize only a tree professional can handle this type of tree complication as if done poorly , it could do just as much damage as it would falling on its own.  We know that Alex is the best in the field as these trees are not easy to take down without losing control and them toppling down the wrong way so we plead with him to come check it out as soon as he can.   So what happened next?  Well this is where we are waiting and praying.   Alex tree service and his crane man will work on getting here as soon as they can. Could be today could be Friday.  I do hope this story ends well with Alex saving the day by getting those trees down before they come down but meanwhile we wait.  We have already evacuated the nursery and adjoining pens to safety just in case the buffer starts giving way.   We hope to update you all with a positive ending but will let you know as soon as we do.    We are blessed with the community support we have seen and appreciate everyone’s prayers.

<![CDATA[Press Release: Big Eared Babies!]]>Tue, 06 Oct 2015 16:34:54 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/press-release-big-eared-babiesPicture
The new adorable Fennec fox kits are making their debut at North Georgia Zoo. With those big ears and windup toy personalities you won’t want to miss this chance of a lifetime, to see up close and personal. these adorable kits!  Fennec Foxes are one of the smallest foxes in the world and are built to live in crazy hot weather yet withstand those cool desert winters.   They have special fur on their feet and giant ears to hear those little mice scurrying under the ground.   Learn more about these gals and cuddle with one of them by signing up for the Fennec Fox & Friends Encounter. Do you have a name suggestion for these girls?  Head to our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/northgeorgiazoo) and post your name suggestions.    If we choose your name- get 2 free Fennec fox and friends encounters!  Post your suggestion and be entered into a drawing for free zoo tickets!
Visit our website for more information on reserving you fox encounter or have us bring them to your next event!

<![CDATA[Press Release: New Bat Exhibit]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 19:07:24 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/press-release-new-bat-exhibitPicture
Come check out the New Bat Exhibit at North Georgia Zoo & Farm!
North Georgia Zoo’s new bat exhibit is now open!  A special thanks goes out to Grant with Troop 639 for making this part of his eagle project.  He prepped, planned and prepared the main structure as part of his scout project.  The exhibit then went into getting fine-tuned with adding the cave and den box viewing area, large red lights, branches, feeding areas and more.  The bats have been moved in and are ready for guest to view.  This is just in time for our fall season. The Egyptian fruit bats are fruit eaters that have high metabolisms so they love to eat!   They are also very colony oriented.  They will cluster tightly together when sleeping.   How many bats are there?  Well that is what we want to see if you can figure out!  Come visit us and guess how many you think are in the cave and you can be entered into a drawing for a free wild animal encounter which includes meeting a baby bat up-close and personal!  Simply submit your answer when you visit the zoo!

<![CDATA[Press Release: Baby Cuteness Overload!]]>Tue, 14 Jul 2015 19:54:17 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/press-release-baby-cuteness-overload

Baby season at North Georgia Zoo is not over yet!

Typically North Georgia Zoo has a few animals born year round and lots of adorable babies in the petting zoo born in the spring, but this year apparent many of the zoo animals got together and thought it would be fun to all have babies around the same time! So what does this mean exactly? This means that if you like
babies now is the time to visit the zoo!! In the past month over a dozen different animals have been born. These include African crested porcupines, muntjac deer, marmoset monkey, Patagonian cavy, alpaca, miniature cow, bettong, armadillo, jungle carpet python, fallow deer and red kangaroo! Meanwhile the spring babies are romping and playing and well acting like toddlers. Dinah the camel is loving her bottles at 3 months of age. The wolf pups enjoy playing and chewing on toys, the baby goats and sheep are starting to leave mom's side and explore more, the little fluffy harris hawk now looks like a miniature adult and the lynx kitten and serval kitten are now available for guest to meet on the wildcat encounters. Chatterbox the North American porcupine has made her debut!

Sign up for the meet the babies and get a baby
overload experience or just come visit North Georgia Zoo and take a tour to get a glimpse of some of the babies along your tour !

<![CDATA[North Georgia Zoo Article Feature]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 20:21:15 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/north-georgia-zoo-article-feature

We were recently featured in an article, North Georgia Zoo Gives Guests a Taste of the Wild. Those looking for Georgia Real Estate should check out what they have to offer for Sautee Nacoochee, GA Real Estate.

<![CDATA[North Georgia Zoo Welcomes Wolf Pups!]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2015 18:48:32 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/north-georgia-zoo-welcomes-wolf-pups
Atara has become somewhat of a celebrity herself.  Supporters have watched her grow up.  They have sent her notes and cards.  Her picture is in most family vacation albums taken here at the zoo.   They have enjoyed howling with her, watching her train and meeting her up close on encounters!  Now she is mom!   She had 9 adorable wolf pups. That means there is going to be plenty of wolf pup play going on at North Georgia Zoo.  Wolf pups are born with eyes closed.  They rely heavily on mom and her instinct to nurture and care for them.  They are typically born grey, black or brown. Their colors change dramatically as they grow up. Stay tuned for updates on how they are growing and for wolf pup encounters starting. 

<![CDATA[A Zoo Like No Other!]]>Fri, 22 Aug 2014 05:08:23 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/a-zoo-like-no-otherA great article about North Georgia Zoo in Appalachian Country Living Magazine!When it comes to zoos, North Georgia Zoo has proven to be far from ordinary... more info.. view article]]><![CDATA[North Georgia Zoo & Farm is a proud sponsor of Team Duncan!]]>Fri, 04 Jul 2014 19:31:16 GMThttp://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/zoo-news/north-georgia-zoo-farm-is-a-proud-sponsor-of-team-duncanDuncan loves to visit the zoo.  Duncan is always a  joy to see the excitement on his face when he comes to visit.  When North Georgia Zoo was  given the opportunity to sponsor team Duncan,  we were happy to do so!   So proud Duncan